How to Use this Site

You should review the Introduction to the Instructor's Manual for more information about the resources available for the text.  The following descriptions indicate the major elements of the Web site.

This icon returns the viewer to the site's main page (home page). The main page provides access to information about the book, the authors, and a link to the Allyn & Bacon web site.  Contact information is also provided.
This links to a self test system that allows the user to select the key terms from a chapter and then test his or her knowledge of the terms.  The user can either scroll through the definitions or practice by typing in their own definition of a term and comparing it to the definition from the text.
This page provides a listing--with description and links--of many sites related to human relations and the workplace. Links relevant to teaching and learning on the Web are also provided. 
Company IndexThese icons link to the Company Index main page, and from there to the alphabetical company index and the index by chapters. The main page includes searches as well as direct links to the chapter indexes and the alphabetical listing.  Go here to research topics and companies. 

One of the unique features of the book is its company index. The Instructor's Manual has indexes of companies for each chapter. This feature expands on those chapter indexes, providing links to current information about the companies mentioned in each the chapter.  Use this tool to help give your classes the edge of current information and insight.  The alphabetical index of companies has a few more entries than the book itself, because we have added a few products and non-profit organizations that were mentioned. Note that any company that was mentioned in the book is in this index. While preparing links, we often discover changes that have occurred at the company (new name, new owners, etc.).

The chapter outlines are gradually being augmented with destination links and other relevant materials.  Contributions are welcome!
This icon takes the viewer to one of the message boards. It is context dependent, so the board will be specific to the topic or area of the site.
Here are several ideas for faculty and several links to areas of the web site.
This is a link to detailed information about the book and its ancillaries.
This page provides a collection of services, links to important information, web searches, the site search, and e-mail information.
This icon takes you to a linked listing of the CNN Videos provided for the instructor on the CNN Video Connections for Human Relations video cassette. Activities based on the videos are being developed. Click on the image to go there now.
These items below are components we would like to develop.  They will only make sense, however, through suggestions from you.
We would like to develop materials here based on the productive thinking concepts we have employed in the book, its ancillaries, and at this site.
We would like to develop materials here based on the productive protocol sections in the text.  We are particularly interested in materials that would be appropriate to the web environment. 
Case studies can develop from a number of sources, and those that are drawn from the web will be sought.

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Prepared August 24, 1997; modified January, 1998