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Welcome to our collection of useful Web sites. Through time, this set of pages will grow.  Our first priority is to locate sites that contribute to effective and productive learning.  As we progress, the site will be placed in the appropriate heading in the Chapter Outlines.  An instruction regarding how to use the site will be incorporated in both locations.  The purpose of this listing is to collect together links to those sites that have common or interrelated topics.  The grouping typically crosses the boundary of the chapter topics.  Each group has its own page, with links to the Chapter location as well as to the site.

We are highly interested in including contributions from students, instructors, and other visitors.  Please submit a site for consideration. Indicate the category to which it belongs and its value for Human Relations.

General Human Relations

Commmunication Skills

Cultural Diversity

Stress Management

Family and Work

Workplace Issues

Health and Wellness

Organizational and Corporate Issues

Assessment and Evaluation

Learning and Training



Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, and Prejudice

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