Human Relations by Mark Garrison and Margaret Anne Bly
Human Relations:  Productive Approaches for the Workplace

By Mark Garrison and Margaret Anne Bly

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Effective Human Relations

Chapter 2: Communication Processes

Chapter 3: Using Communication Skills Effectively

Chapter 4: The Self: Preparing the Foundation for Success

Chapter 5: The Power of Attitudes and Beliefs

Chapter 6: Skill Acquisition and Development

Chapter 7: Motivation and Work

Chapter 8: Job Satisfaction, Involvement, and Performance

Chapter 9: The Organization and the Role of the Individual

Chapter 10: The Dynamics of Group Membership and Participation

Chapter 11: Leadership: Acquiring and Developing Skills for Success

Chapter 12: Assessment and Evaluation in the Workplace

Chapter 13: Health and Wellness

Chapter 14: Problems in the Workplace: Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Conflict, and Drugs

Chapter 15: Work and the Phases of Life

Chapter 16: Preparing for the Future

Appendix: Understanding Statistics in the Workplace

Prepared by Mark Garrison, January, 1998