Instructional Resources

This page provides description and access to the instructional resources found here at the Web Site for Human Relations: Productive Approaches for the Workplace.   The place to begin is "Using this Site."  The features of the Web site are described there in detail.

The site's features provide two types of support for the instructor.   1) Activities and links to destinations that will enhance teaching and learning.  2) Several means of sharing ideas with other instructors using the text.  We encourage your recommendations and will do our best to implement those that have significant instructional value.  If you want a link to your activities or home page, you need simply e-mail the request--we will create a linking page.

Where to begin?
First, in preparation for class, we suggest browsing the Company Index by Chapter as well as the Chapter Outline itself.  The Instructor's Manual provides a number of organizational devices and suggestions--the material you find here can easily be integrated into your planning.

Where next?
After you have a good grasp of the site and its features, the next step is mostly likely an exploration of the many World Wide Web destinations we have located in the "HR on the Net" pages.  The frame for this set of pages provides a linked topical list, and each page has links to a number of interesting and quite appropriate destinations.

How to contribute to the success of the site?
Once you are involved with the features and the potential of the site, you may have a number of ideas.  These could be in the form of additional sites, cases examples, discussion topics, and so on.  We would be very pleased to develop a connection with your site (should you have one) and to broaden our scope for the community of students and educators using this site.

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Prepared by Mark Garrison, January, 1998