Chapter 4

The Self: Preparing the Foundation for Success

Self Concept

Who is in Control?

When Beliefs about the Self Come True: Self-Fulfilling Prophecy


Self-Efficacy and Performance

Strengthening Self-Efficacy

A Closer Look at Empowerment and the Self

Productive Thinking

High and Low Self-Esteem

Self-Monitoring Devaluing the Self

Building High Self-Esteem

Productive Thinking

Trust as the Basis of Human Relationship

The Johari Window

The Benefits of Disclosure and Feedback

Productive Thinking

Highlighted company names in the index below are linked to the corporation's homepage. For additional, current information about the company, check their site. The number to the right of the company is the page number in the text where the company is discussed. Other resources include Hoover's database and Web search engines.

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Prepared by Mark Garrison, January, 1998