Human Relations by Garrison and Bly
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If you locate another reference database or information about a particular company mentioned in the text, please send an e-mail to companyinfo. We will add your recommended link whenever appropriate.

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The index of companies provided on pages 602 and 603 of the text stands as one of the text's most unique features.  We prepared the index to provide a quick means of identifying the corporate examples we used in the book.  This Web site allows us to expand that feature dramatically.  We have prepared both the alphabetical index of companies in the entire book and an index by chapters.  Each of these has connections (hyperlinks) to the home pages of the companies that have a presence on the web.  When possible, we have made links to places in the company home pages that offer current information about the company or information relevant to the text.  In many cases, we have simply directed the link to the main page of the company.  For this reason, you will see quite a bit of product information.  We are in no way endorsing or recommending these products.  We have also located several major, independent resources of information about businesses and corporations.  These links are provided above as well.
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Prepared by Mark and Diane Garrison
August 1997, Modified February 1998